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Thursday, November 11, 2010

heartprints | YOU!

heartprints needs YOU! Help us improve the lives of youth + families by way of Mentoring | Jobs | Outreach, to inspire an energizing life of self affirming worth, and success! Volunteer | Donate | Inspire today, give us a hello@heartprints.org today!

"We're as great as we help others become!"

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Cincy Not for Profit News


Saturday, November 6, 2010

"CALL TO ACTION" >> Volunteer | Donate | Inspire

heartprints needs YOU to participate! We are improving lives through the areas of Mentoring | Jobs | Outreach, and are providing the opportunity for leaders like yourself to be game changers for youth!

We're not "Waiting for Superman", more like "The Flash" (for movement/momentum), but it's not a person, it's a strategy, and an ACTIONABLE action plan. That strategy is utilizing heartprints to engage the key institutions (such as CPS, YMCA, YWCA, Strive/Mentoring Works, and others to learn insights) to interact through an aligned strategy to properly address, assess, and drive awareness through the essential constituents for building accountability of impacting OUR Schools, Parent(s)/Guardians, Teachers, and Community. We need to align and unite as a community to take ownership of our systems (together, and with action).

Sounds good, right?! So, "What do I do, and how do I align with such a movement?". Glad you asked! The opportunity to Volunteer as a Mentor/Tutor either through our partnership with the YMCA Mentoring Program, or "Adopting a Site" at an after school program as an individual, group, or company is awaiting your energy!

We provide the support, facilitators, tracking, impact, supervision, and resources so all you need to invest is your time. With your advocacy and volunteerism, we can align with the schools/organizations/community partners/community as a whole to interact around the key influence areas to impact youth, as well as their families, so they may improve their chances of success. Such areas, to mention a few, include >>

>Higher Education
>Decision Making

heartprints invites your support and engagement to participate as a Volunteer and or Donor. This can be achieved through becoming a Mentor/Tutor, sharing re-employment opportunities through our jobs initiative (CincyJobSpace), purchasing our "Charity Coffee", being an advocate and sharing our cause with others, and or donating supplies from our "Wish List". Have an amazing day.

With gratitude,
heartprints inc.

Give us a hello@heartprints.org today!