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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Announcement ::Angela Muchmore appointed new Executive Director::

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                                                                                      DIMINISHING EDUCATIONAL POVERTY

::Press Release:: Announcement of new Executive Director, heartprints inc. 10.25.12

It is with great pleasure that the 501(c)3 charitable organization, heartprints inc., announces the appointment of Board Member, Chief Operations Officer (COO) and Volunteer, Angela Muchmore, the new Executive Director.

Angela has been leading efforts such as events, volunteer recruitment, PR, social media, outreach, and more around helping heartprints gain traction in positively impacting the lives of youth and families in the Greater Cincinnati Area for a few years now. Her passion to serve, dedication to improving lives, and talent around engaging others, connecting, and leadership will propel heartprints to the next level.

Heartprints is refocusing their efforts from a pivotal approach that focuses on four key areas of 1.) Strategy, 2.) Partnerships, 3.) Volunteerism, and 4) Funding/Development. These form the “four legs” of the table, with the top being the impact to be made around their energy to diminish educational poverty by aligning initiatives that not only improve math, reading and test scores, but leadership, decision making, participation, jobs, and higher education as well to infuse a more holistic approach to improving youth’s lives.

Angela will oversee the development and leadership around Board membership, overall strategy, lesson plans/activities, seasonal events, development, and programs heartprints leads such as Charity Coffee, CincyJobSpace, and the heartprints help guide. Brian Siegel, the Founder and prior Executive Director, will maintain full involvement with heartprints inc., continue to serve as “Chief Giving Officer”, and is focusing on being of value through strategic vision, innovative marketing, and supporting the direction of where Angela and the Board wants to take heartprints.

There is an adjustment from the 5 locations that were served to leading mentoring/tutoring as well as curriculum development via lesson plans/activities at the Westwood Public Libraries, Deer Park Public Libraries, and the YMCA Teen Achievers Program (Gamble-Nippert YMCA). Also we are working on solidifying a  partnership with a Whiz Kids/City Gospel Mission site (church in White Oak to partner on mentoring/tutoring as well as  building a  collaborative curriculum for 6th-8th graders, lesson plans, and experiential learning via activities for game changing/leading direction in our communities).

Attacking through these battles to win the war so to speak is key. We will lead this through our Board, Volunteers, Curriculum/Lesson Plans/Activities, Sites, faith/ministering/love for these youth and the environments/families they’re a part of, building into youth by way of actionable care and time, and infiltrate the hearts and minds of constituents to diminish educational poverty, alleviate juvenile detention/jail time for youth, increase participation/attendance, grades, behavior, confidence, well-being, anti-bullying, awareness, and opportunities.

Angela has volunteered for numerous organizations, held leadership positions at various companies and worked at Huntington Bank, Fifth Third, and US Bank, attends Crossroads Church, is a stellar singer and songwriter as a hobby, has a son Andrew, and thrives in serving the community, her friends, and family. Angela has already begun the process of fueling a game changing strategy for heartprints, and we look forward to discovering the results that arrive from her passionate servant leadership style.

Congratulations Angela!

For more information on heartprints, how you can get involved and support this amazing cause, email hello@heartprints.org, or visit www.facebook.com/heartprintsinc or www.heartprints.org

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