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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Meet Josh

Josh, an 8th grader, was seeking ways to enhance his opportunities and learning related to homework, careers, and higher education.

He was introduced to the YMCA Mentoring Program, and from there heartprints Mentors/Tutors were asked to assist Josh with his goals.

During the first few meetings, Josh was reserved, which is to be expected around first engagements. Volunteers invited him to participate in activities such as basketball, soccer, and board games. Once he began trusting and knowing the Mentors/Tutors, Josh began bolstering his confidence in himself, and his projects.

He shared with a volunteer that some other kids at school were calling him names, and bullying him. heartprints worked with Resource Coordinators, and recommended that his mother inform the teachers and Principle at his school.

Once this was done, the bullying diminished, and Josh has gained more confidence, interest in learning, and improved his Math, Reading, and Science scores.

Beyond the walls of a school, a Y, or kicking a ball around, we have learned that connecting professional and caring adults to youth in need, discussing the things a kid enjoys, and interacting with them around their dreams can have a significant impact in their lives.

Josh and his family have been given donations, tickets for opportunities to visit basketball games, the orchestra, art shows, and other educational yet fun events he otherwise would not have access to. This improves cultural proficiency, builds relationships, and also memorable experiences.

Due to heartprints volunteers getting involved, the partnership with the Y, and good people getting involved, Josh now believes the sky is the limit, and is developing a more positive attitude. This is being achieved by the generosity of volunteers aligning to the Y's mission, in tandem with collaboration with the after school programs, and heartprints mission to diminish educational poverty through mentoring, jobs and outreach areas.

To learn more about heartprints or to become an advocate through volunteering or donating, give heartprints a hello@heartprints.org, and visit www.heartprints.org.


*NOTE: For confidentiality purposes, only first names are utilized, the names of the families and schools are not mentioned, and this is to protect the privacy of participants in our programs.