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heartprints inc. is a community driven, positive impact 501(c)(3) approved non-profit that improves the lives of youth, families, and our communities by diminishing educational poverty through mentoring, jobs, and outreach to help people live a significant, respectful, and successful life. Copyright © 2007-2011 by heartprints inc.™ . All Rights Reserved.

Monday, April 15, 2013


Our Executive Director, Angela Muchmore, is leading some amazing efforts at heartprints after school sites. On a weekly basis she puts together a lesson plan, ties an activity that fuels our focus on "Building Future Leaders", gathers materials together, mobilizes/rallies volunteers together, and energizes groups of youth at the Westwood Library, Deer Park Library, and the Gamble-Nippert YMCA.

Our outreach focuses on empowering youth to adjust their perspectives related to topics around leadership, decision making, higher-education, career, and participation in school, the community, at home, and positive impact opportunities. These efforts could not be led without the dedication Angela has to take the time to organize all it entails to put the after school programs together, inspire youth through our approach, and not to mention invest in driving to the sites, managing all the tasks necessary to articulate the efforts after school, and we all know how much it entails to invigorate a group of ten or more kids, and get them to be excited/pay attention to an adult trying to coach/mentor them.

We commend Angela for her leadership, passion to improve lives, and all she does on a daily basis to keep us focused on what really matters - "Building Future Leaders". She communicates with the board, advocates via social media, makes calls to reach out for volunteer support, connects with grand and fundraising opportunities, meets with prospective supporters, organizes efforts such as Charity Coffee and events, leads  partnerships like with City Gospel Mission and our curriculum, puts together activities, assesses and writes business plans, generates web content, guides our overall strategy, requesting and collecting donations, applying for grants and fundraising, manages after schools sites beginning to end, on-boards and earns volunteers, leads events like our annual Christmas Event with the YMCA, connects our organization and youth to program like the Green Acres Foundation, moves our Board and team members in the right direction and follows-through on many tasks, and much more (pun intended, for her last name)!

Like her name, she brings "much-more" to our team, efforts, and progress. It is important for us to share all that our Executive Director is leading, as we are beyond appreciative for her dedication to our purpose, helping youth, and improving the lives of the kids we serve at our sites. It is because of her energy and care to transform the lives of youth, empower them, and connect them to ways to emerge from challenging situations like poverty - that we are able to get the much needed work we exist for done.

With a long list of agenda items, we could not achieve the impact and movement we have made without her leadership. Also, the volunteers and Board we have assists in our success as well. With such a plethora of items to accomplish, we invite you to learn more about our team, goals for "Building Future Leaders", and encourage you to connect with us to get involved with our work!

Thank you Angela for all you have done, are doing, and embarking upon to genuinely change the lives of youth and others. Also, thank you Board Members, volunteers, donors, and advocates who are supporting our cause. We could not do this without you!

We are "much-more" with Angela's hard work, and can do "much-more" with people like you getting involved! Email angela@heartprints.org to get engaged in live changing efforts with our cause!

With appreciation,
Brian Siegel

Why Us | Why You

Studies show that youth make major decisions between 6th-8th grade that greatly dictate their future behavior, financial success, and likelihood to achieve their goals.

There are many wonderful organizations that interact with children between the crucial years of 0-3, such as Strive, where major brain development occurs. There are non-profits and programs, such as City Gospel Mission's "Whiz Kids", who build into youth up until 6th grade.

heartprints looked at where the gaps were, studied research, and decided that focusing on serving youth during the years where there weren't many groups with a targeted approach existed. The 6th-8th grade years have been shown to be where youth greatly define their goal setting, decisions with friends and peer groups, how they begin to handle greater life challenges, articulate a more clear personality, and begin thinking about jobs and higher education.

During these years, they also have tremendous influence on how they begin looking at life in a macro view, treat others, engage the world in more interactive ways, and participate in certain sports, programs, hobbies, and extra-curriculars. With an array of opportunity to have so many decisions thrust upon youth during these also crucial development years - heartprints felt that providing the ability to connect with a positive opportunity to shape and mold them into the best leaders they could be was key.

"Building Future Leaders". We are connecting youth to lesson plans, activities, and a partnership with City Gospel Mission's gifts of modeling success of the Whiz Kids program and "Unplugged" to create a curriculum that builds into kids, our city, and region in a moving way - focused on:
  • Leadership
  • Decision Making
  • Higher Education
  • Jobs
  • Participation
Empowering youth to understand the importance of goal setting, plan building, and actionable movement towards these dreams are key. Helping them understand that college is reachable, and the average graduate earns more than $1.5M over their career if they attend a higher education opportunity is pivotal. It's more than going to classes and getting a piece of paper. Life is more than going through the motions and applying to just any job. There is real power to how you assess challenges, make decisions, and exhibit leadership throughout your life personally and professionally. Getting involved in opportunities, programs, reaching out, learning, asking for mentorship, and connecting with others who genuinely care can enlighten kids to game changing situations.

Transforming lives through education and being present in youth's lives can truly "build future leaders". heartprints inc. exists to lead these efforts. We cannot  succeed without the support of volunteers who share the spirit of changing lives through investing a couple hours every couple of weeks. I challenge you to get involved in our cause.

We have the BHAG's (Big Hairy Audacious Goal's) of helping youth not only improve grades, attendance, graduation rates, but also formulate a vision for their lives, articulate their purpose, adjust their behavior to successful character traits, pursue access and support for college, and earn jobs that they are passionate about and can leverage their gifts for good. Leading efforts like this helps youth who are in poverty escape it, and along their journey - help others learn, become mentors, and inspire others to emerge from hardship.

If you get excited thinking about utilizing your time to get involved with a group that cares in this way, then we have been eager to hear from you. We have opportunities for you to apply to be on our Board of Directors, get involved on a project we are leading, advocate, and or get you plugged into one of our sites! We don't have a shortage of needs, and we'll find something fitting for you to do!

With enthusiasm,
Brian Siegel
Chief Giving Officer, (Volunteer, Advocate, and Fan), heartprints inc.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Announcement ::Angela Muchmore appointed new Executive Director::

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                                                                                      DIMINISHING EDUCATIONAL POVERTY

::Press Release:: Announcement of new Executive Director, heartprints inc. 10.25.12

It is with great pleasure that the 501(c)3 charitable organization, heartprints inc., announces the appointment of Board Member, Chief Operations Officer (COO) and Volunteer, Angela Muchmore, the new Executive Director.

Angela has been leading efforts such as events, volunteer recruitment, PR, social media, outreach, and more around helping heartprints gain traction in positively impacting the lives of youth and families in the Greater Cincinnati Area for a few years now. Her passion to serve, dedication to improving lives, and talent around engaging others, connecting, and leadership will propel heartprints to the next level.

Heartprints is refocusing their efforts from a pivotal approach that focuses on four key areas of 1.) Strategy, 2.) Partnerships, 3.) Volunteerism, and 4) Funding/Development. These form the “four legs” of the table, with the top being the impact to be made around their energy to diminish educational poverty by aligning initiatives that not only improve math, reading and test scores, but leadership, decision making, participation, jobs, and higher education as well to infuse a more holistic approach to improving youth’s lives.

Angela will oversee the development and leadership around Board membership, overall strategy, lesson plans/activities, seasonal events, development, and programs heartprints leads such as Charity Coffee, CincyJobSpace, and the heartprints help guide. Brian Siegel, the Founder and prior Executive Director, will maintain full involvement with heartprints inc., continue to serve as “Chief Giving Officer”, and is focusing on being of value through strategic vision, innovative marketing, and supporting the direction of where Angela and the Board wants to take heartprints.

There is an adjustment from the 5 locations that were served to leading mentoring/tutoring as well as curriculum development via lesson plans/activities at the Westwood Public Libraries, Deer Park Public Libraries, and the YMCA Teen Achievers Program (Gamble-Nippert YMCA). Also we are working on solidifying a  partnership with a Whiz Kids/City Gospel Mission site (church in White Oak to partner on mentoring/tutoring as well as  building a  collaborative curriculum for 6th-8th graders, lesson plans, and experiential learning via activities for game changing/leading direction in our communities).

Attacking through these battles to win the war so to speak is key. We will lead this through our Board, Volunteers, Curriculum/Lesson Plans/Activities, Sites, faith/ministering/love for these youth and the environments/families they’re a part of, building into youth by way of actionable care and time, and infiltrate the hearts and minds of constituents to diminish educational poverty, alleviate juvenile detention/jail time for youth, increase participation/attendance, grades, behavior, confidence, well-being, anti-bullying, awareness, and opportunities.

Angela has volunteered for numerous organizations, held leadership positions at various companies and worked at Huntington Bank, Fifth Third, and US Bank, attends Crossroads Church, is a stellar singer and songwriter as a hobby, has a son Andrew, and thrives in serving the community, her friends, and family. Angela has already begun the process of fueling a game changing strategy for heartprints, and we look forward to discovering the results that arrive from her passionate servant leadership style.

Congratulations Angela!

For more information on heartprints, how you can get involved and support this amazing cause, email hello@heartprints.org, or visit www.facebook.com/heartprintsinc or www.heartprints.org

“We’re as great as we help others become!”

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Intervention Now | Improved Lives Later

"Johns Hopkins researcher Dr. Robert Balfanz has uncovered a series of indicators that he says can predict how likely a student is to drop out of high school: attendance, behavior and course performance, which he describes as the “ABCs.” "

Middle School Moments, as shared FRONTLINE

Ex. "In high-poverty schools, if a sixth grade child attends less than 80 percent of the time, receives an unsatisfactory behavior grade in a core course, or fails math or English, there is a 75 percent chance that they will later drop out of high school — absent effective intervention."

This is a stat, like many the education system learns, puts on a flyer, uses to leverage support around funding or volunteering. Sure, we see them, hear them, and understand there should be action post learning them. It makes sense that if you don't attend school consistently, your grades falter, and you are at a school with a high poverty rate - the youth there are at greater risk of dropping out, negative behavior, lower test scores, and the like.

This bolsters why our non-profit focuses on helping 6th-8th grade and High School students. The reason we focus on intervening during the 6th-8th grade years is due to the amount of decisions made around school, patterns, habits, friends, and other choices that dictate these pivotal times in youth's lives (prior to venturing into High School). Our lives are shaped and molded since entering the world of course, studies conducted around how the mind is most impacted between 0-2, then highly influenced during these middle school years - into adulthood.

Our approach with heartprints is to not only help improve math and reading scores - as well as improved achievement test results, but motivate youth to succeed holistically as a person beyond scores, and through 5 key areas (Leadership, Decision Making, Jobs/Career, Higher Education, and Participation).

Scores/Grades are good measures, but to measure and test the true success solely on this will not work. Studies do show that improving these areas are essential to progress through the system, but infusing innovative methods such as divergent learning, working with mentoring/tutoring groups internally and externally, real-time service learning, and case studies allow for unique learning experiences. Not everyone learns the same. Some folks are process, others are creative. Some are both. Some are visual, others written learning works. Some need hands on experiences, others can dissect the essence of a lesson by literary study. It's diverse, differs across the board, and what has worked for decades may not work the same in a changing world.

As businesses evolve to ever changing markets and are agile to develop strategies for survivability and growth - schools may learn from this approach as well. Realistically, we cannot overhaul an entire educational system constantly, but in the least we can work to infuse dynamic opportunities for growth/learning experiences. There's no magic pill or simple solution to a system that is in place and is gargantuan. The way we process kids

heartprints noticed this trend as well, and works to be more strategic in impacting the lives of youth, families, and our communities. It's time to stop the blame game and excuses. Parent(s)/Guardian(s) blame schools. Teachers blame home. Schools blame the government. Government blames everyone.

The blame stops with you. Taking ownership and accountability to get involved in changing the system through your involvement is the start of the marathon race. We would like to generate excitement in your spirit, for service. It would be great if you choose us, no shameless plug (ha), but find a trust worthy, passionate, energizing, and caring cause that is focused on helping youth succeed academically and also personally.

Collaborating with the appropriate leaders at the sites we (heartprints) serve, through our mission, striving to earn volunteers to mentor/tutor, and amplify impact through our programs + services like CincyJobSpace, Charity Coffee, and our heartprints help guide to positively infiltrate the home/family unit a well also inspires connectivity to opportunities.

Email hello@heartprints.org to get involved with our cause!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Meet Josh

Josh, an 8th grader, was seeking ways to enhance his opportunities and learning related to homework, careers, and higher education.

He was introduced to the YMCA Mentoring Program, and from there heartprints Mentors/Tutors were asked to assist Josh with his goals.

During the first few meetings, Josh was reserved, which is to be expected around first engagements. Volunteers invited him to participate in activities such as basketball, soccer, and board games. Once he began trusting and knowing the Mentors/Tutors, Josh began bolstering his confidence in himself, and his projects.

He shared with a volunteer that some other kids at school were calling him names, and bullying him. heartprints worked with Resource Coordinators, and recommended that his mother inform the teachers and Principle at his school.

Once this was done, the bullying diminished, and Josh has gained more confidence, interest in learning, and improved his Math, Reading, and Science scores.

Beyond the walls of a school, a Y, or kicking a ball around, we have learned that connecting professional and caring adults to youth in need, discussing the things a kid enjoys, and interacting with them around their dreams can have a significant impact in their lives.

Josh and his family have been given donations, tickets for opportunities to visit basketball games, the orchestra, art shows, and other educational yet fun events he otherwise would not have access to. This improves cultural proficiency, builds relationships, and also memorable experiences.

Due to heartprints volunteers getting involved, the partnership with the Y, and good people getting involved, Josh now believes the sky is the limit, and is developing a more positive attitude. This is being achieved by the generosity of volunteers aligning to the Y's mission, in tandem with collaboration with the after school programs, and heartprints mission to diminish educational poverty through mentoring, jobs and outreach areas.

To learn more about heartprints or to become an advocate through volunteering or donating, give heartprints a hello@heartprints.org, and visit www.heartprints.org.


*NOTE: For confidentiality purposes, only first names are utilized, the names of the families and schools are not mentioned, and this is to protect the privacy of participants in our programs.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

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Monday, May 2, 2011

Vote for heartprints inc. on Wednesday, May 11th, 2011 in the Toyota 100...

Vote for heartprints inc. on Wednesday, May 11th, 2011 in the Toyota 100 Cars for Good Program

heartprints inc. is honored to announce we've been named a finalist in Toyota's 100 Cars for Good program.

The next step is for you to vote for us Wednesday, May 11th, 2011 on Toyota's Facebook page, facebook.com/toyota, as we compete for a new Toyota vehicle that will be utilized to amplify our capacity to improve the lives of youth and families through Mentoring, Jobs, and Outreach.

Thank you for scheduling a moment 5/11/11 to vote for us via www.facebook.com/Toyota, and your time. Your support means we can increase our positive impact reach to the youth and families we serve. Feel free to share this 'event' with your network as well!