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Monday, April 15, 2013


Our Executive Director, Angela Muchmore, is leading some amazing efforts at heartprints after school sites. On a weekly basis she puts together a lesson plan, ties an activity that fuels our focus on "Building Future Leaders", gathers materials together, mobilizes/rallies volunteers together, and energizes groups of youth at the Westwood Library, Deer Park Library, and the Gamble-Nippert YMCA.

Our outreach focuses on empowering youth to adjust their perspectives related to topics around leadership, decision making, higher-education, career, and participation in school, the community, at home, and positive impact opportunities. These efforts could not be led without the dedication Angela has to take the time to organize all it entails to put the after school programs together, inspire youth through our approach, and not to mention invest in driving to the sites, managing all the tasks necessary to articulate the efforts after school, and we all know how much it entails to invigorate a group of ten or more kids, and get them to be excited/pay attention to an adult trying to coach/mentor them.

We commend Angela for her leadership, passion to improve lives, and all she does on a daily basis to keep us focused on what really matters - "Building Future Leaders". She communicates with the board, advocates via social media, makes calls to reach out for volunteer support, connects with grand and fundraising opportunities, meets with prospective supporters, organizes efforts such as Charity Coffee and events, leads  partnerships like with City Gospel Mission and our curriculum, puts together activities, assesses and writes business plans, generates web content, guides our overall strategy, requesting and collecting donations, applying for grants and fundraising, manages after schools sites beginning to end, on-boards and earns volunteers, leads events like our annual Christmas Event with the YMCA, connects our organization and youth to program like the Green Acres Foundation, moves our Board and team members in the right direction and follows-through on many tasks, and much more (pun intended, for her last name)!

Like her name, she brings "much-more" to our team, efforts, and progress. It is important for us to share all that our Executive Director is leading, as we are beyond appreciative for her dedication to our purpose, helping youth, and improving the lives of the kids we serve at our sites. It is because of her energy and care to transform the lives of youth, empower them, and connect them to ways to emerge from challenging situations like poverty - that we are able to get the much needed work we exist for done.

With a long list of agenda items, we could not achieve the impact and movement we have made without her leadership. Also, the volunteers and Board we have assists in our success as well. With such a plethora of items to accomplish, we invite you to learn more about our team, goals for "Building Future Leaders", and encourage you to connect with us to get involved with our work!

Thank you Angela for all you have done, are doing, and embarking upon to genuinely change the lives of youth and others. Also, thank you Board Members, volunteers, donors, and advocates who are supporting our cause. We could not do this without you!

We are "much-more" with Angela's hard work, and can do "much-more" with people like you getting involved! Email angela@heartprints.org to get engaged in live changing efforts with our cause!

With appreciation,
Brian Siegel

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